Our Team

Our staff are a dedicated team who always put the children first. All practitioners are qualified to Level 3 or above, and are constantly upgrading their skills through various means.  All practitioners who work with the children hold relevant paediatric first aid qualifications.

At times, we also have students working towards their qualifications, and volunteers who kindly come and help out.  They work under the supervision of the management team.

We are registered with OFSTED (110024)

Great Teachers

Shantini Nanthakumar (Keycarer)

Audrey King (Keycarer)

Sandra Loveless (Keycarer)

Rachel Sharpe (SENCo, Room Leader & Keycarer)

Paula Jenkins (Room Leader & Keycarer)

Des Martin (Headteacher/ Manager, Lead Practitioner Safeguarding & Child Protection)

(Cert.Ed. Infant Education, Level 5 Foundation Degree in Childhood Studies)

Des is the setting’s Headteacher and Manager, and has been at Castle Hill since 2005.  In addition to the usual administrative duties, and as a qualified teacher, she  supports all the practitioners in their goal to ensure that all children are happy and developing to their full potential.  She is responsible for the wellbeing of both the children and the staff members, as well as supporting the Deputy Manager and Room Leader with their roles and responsibilities.  Des is also Designated Lead Practitioner responsible for Safeguarding and Child Protection.

Parent Helpers/Volunteers

In addition to our regular staff, we encourage parents/carers to come in and help out, either on a regular or occasional basis, in whatever capacity they feel able to.  This can be helping out on the Committee, volunteering as a play assistant when additional adults are needed, sharing your culture or your skills, storytelling, helping to foster an understanding of family or history through the sharing of photographs, and so on.

The benefits of being a volunteer parent/carer is that you have an active role in the pre-school education of your children, and a better understanding of what happens during your child’s time at pre-school.  We hope you will consider contributing to our rich learning environment.

Our Parents Say About Us ...

Our parents say we are a positive, energetic and enthusiastic team with  consistent, motivational attitudes.They believe that we go the extra mile to ensure that every child is happy and valued, makes sustainable progress, and develops a love of learning.  We have received some fantastic reviews, both verbal and written,and a few are posted on our Facebook page. Thank you for all your kind words.

I couldn’t recommend Castle Hill Pre School enough, my little girl has been there for nearly two years and I’m dreading her leaving! The staff are amazing and my daughter adores every single one of them. They all give that extra bit of care and treat the children just like their own. My daughter has learnt so much since being there, things I wouldn’t have even thought of teaching her yet! Her confidence has grown a considerable amount too. They’ve helped her grow from a terrible toddler into a bright, happy little girl 
Cara Hogan

My child loves her preschool. We tried a few preschool before she joined here. Honestly, it was a difficult task to get her ready to preschool everyday.. tears! tears! However, surprisingly in CHPS since her very first day she liked it. She talks about her teachers and how much she misses them during holidays and as a parent I am pretty happy the way my child is developing there, their teaching plan is amazing. I like the fact that they are clean and tidy too
Divya Sharma