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The skills, knowledge and attitude to learning that children acquire in early childhood are vitally important as they are the base on which they build their lives. We are totally committed to providing opportunities for your child to develop to their fullest potential.

Children will be encouraged to develop the necessary skills, and gain the appropriate knowledge during their time at pre-school, through a variety of play activities and experiences.  We will provide a stimulating environment to achieve this through our themes, topics, discussions and activities.

At a quick glance, it may appear that your child is ‘just playing’, but we view everything your child does as a learning opportunity.  We encourage children to learn independently by providing appropriate experiences, and our staff are skilled in extending your child’s learning through their play, at an appropriate level for their stage of development.

Oral Health Programme

Children love brushing their teeth with friends. This programme teaches them how important oral hygiene is and encourages them to carry out the good practice at home. We were awarded our ‘Oral Heath Champions’ award

Nature’s Creatures

From farm animals and insects, to frogs and butterflies, the children are introduced to a wide range of nature, both local and the more exotic.  We have had visits from Zoolab and Millers’ Ark, and we have observed various life cycles; for example, frog spawn to tadpoles to frogs, larvae to caterpillars to butterflies.  These experiences with nature’s creatures are a great way to spark the children’s interest and imagination, as well as giving encouragement to those children who are a bit hesitant or unsure.



We have had some high energy dance sessions with Sarka Brock from ‘Strictly School Dancing’; as well as demonstrations and sessions with Katie and Ruby, two young Latin and Ballroom champions.

 Children learn different skills through dancing: it develops whole body fitness, coordination and a sense of rhythm.  It is a proven emotional outlet, releasing inhibitions at the same time as having being great fun!




Rugby sessions with Andy from Rugby Tots are great fun and not only help the children to develop a variety of ball skills, but also encourages their communication skills; particularly those of listening and following instructions.

We have had Yoga sessions; as well as martial arts sessions with Abitha, a young Black Belt 2 Dan!  These help the children to develop self confidence and control: skills that can be utilised at school, home and later in life.

These experiences are part of our goals to teach children the importance of an active, healthy lifestyle.

Activities & Fun Learning

Activities that we regularly run are …

  • Being healthy which includes nutrition, exercise and rest, self care
  • Road Safety including the messages ‘Be bright, be seen’ and ‘Stop, Look & Listen’ when crossing the road
  • Local visits including nature walks, visits to the park, posting letters, etc.


Reading Corner & Quiet Area

Alongside of our various other activities, we encourage our children to spend some quality time in our Reading Corner and Quiet Area. Story telling is one of their favorite parts of the day. We provide a variety of books for children to explore and learn. Children love to go through the pictures books. We encourage them to expand their own imagination via this space.


Learning at home is just as important as learning at pre-school.  Here are a few links for you to try with your child at home.