Parents Say…..


‘CHPS is simply amazing. My little girl loved every minute spent there. The key carers do a wonderful job ensuring that each child’s needs are met – physically, emotionally and stages of learning. The setting is well equipped and has a sheltered outside area that enables children to go outdoors on wetter days. My little girl has now started school and the teacher is really impressed with her ‘school readiness’ and I believe this is largely due to the Preschool’s committed approach to ensuring a smooth transition. My Daughter is already exceeding in Maths and Reading and this is mainly due to her being guided and challenged at the Preschool. I can’t thank CHPS enough and would recommend them to anybody’. —— Mel Eves

‘My son loves the preschool and so do I. The staff are fantastic and my son is learning so much. He will be starting school this year so will be very sad to leave. But being at this preschool will definitely make the transaction to infant school a lot easier’.———Alison Gee Was Douglas

‘I couldn’t recommend Castle Hill Pre School enough, my little girl has been there for nearly two years and I’m dreading her leaving! The staff are amazing and my daughter adores every single one of them. They all give that extra bit of care and treat the children just like their own. 
My daughter has learnt so much since being there, things I wouldn’t have even thought of teaching her yet! Her confidence has grown a considerable amount too. They’ve helped her grow from a terrible toddler into a bright, happy little girl.’—-Cara Hogan

‘My son been going there nearly two years and he loves it ,All staff are happy ,friendly and fun,the pre school does a lot of events which parents are invited to and kids have great fun ,my son learnt a lot at pre school and his key worker works with us to support his learning and prepare him for school’. —–Bonnie-Marie Peart