Diwali 2018

Diwali 2018

 We wish You All A Very Happy Diwali.

Monday, 5th Nov at 9.00 AM.


Fireworks Race Day

Our Sparkle Week Race Day is on Monday 5th November 2018 at 9.15am. ALL children are invited to join in on Race Day, even if they don’t usually attend on Monday mornings (but parents must stay if your child is not usually in, in order to maintain adult: child ratios).

All parents are invited to attend to support their child’s efforts.


 A Taste of Diwali

Parents and children are then asked to stay on and join us for our Diwali celebrations and a taste of some delicious Diwali food.


Firework Safety

After lunch, the children will learn about safety around fire and fireworks; and those who want to will have the opportunity to handle a sparkler, under close supervision.  Parents are welcome to stay for this if they would like to.


Sparkle Dress Up Days

On Tuesday 6th November and Wednesday 7th November, the children are invited to dress up for pre-school in sparkly or bright coloured clothes, in keeping with our week’s Sparkle theme.

If your child wears fancy dress that might hinder their play (eg long princess’ dresses), please also send in a change of clothes for them.

    No specific charge is made for our ‘Sparkle Week’ celebrations, but as a not-for-profit charity, we ask parents to kindly make a donation towards the cost of the week.  A donation box will be available throughout ‘Sparkle Week’.