Play in early childhood is the best foundation for success in future education. It develops the necessary learning skills and knowledge to build on later.
Our activities will challenge and develop
your child’s creativity, imagination, thinking skills, and social skills.
Our pre-school provides a wide variety of educational activities to engage children and to support their learning through play.

A Few Words About Castle Hill Preschool

Castle Hill Pre-School is an independent, committee-run, charity pre-school operating in the grounds of Fort Hill Site.  We accept all 2-4 year old children , including fee paying children and children eligible for :

1.  HCC’s Early Years’ Education universal funding (EYE 15 hours funding for all 3 and 4 year olds).

2.  HCC’s additional 15 hours EYE funding (these two combine to total 30 hours funded).

3.  HCC’s Early Years Education 15 hours funding for 2 year olds.

More About Us

“Building Castles For The Future”

Learn through play

Fun, games & activities help our children enjoy  learning new skills.

Education Services

At Castle Hill Pre-School, we ensure that the learning process for each individual child is our priority.

Resources and Games

We have a wide variety of resources to enhance children’s development in all areas.

Child Care

We are a charity, non-profit organisation.  We strongly believe that your child’s happiness and wellbeing is the key to them developing a positive attitude towards learning.

Care and Support

Our expert, friendly team are skilled in providing education, care and support to all children.  Our key carers work with you and your child to ensure their progress and happiness.

Physical Activity

Castle Hill Pre School has a large outdoor play zone that includes a wide variety of outdoor equipment and resources for your child to explore.


Want more information about our setting or would like to visit?  Complete the form on the website or give us a call and we will schedule a visit for you and your child.